“Working with Maryjoy, who specialist in Social Media, who knows how to advertise on YouTube, Twitter and other Social Media Platform.

Which is very valuable for me as a businessman, she is a valuable asset to my business and she’s a professional person in using the computer to my advantage!

Maryjoy has designed my logo for my business and helped to build my website!”

Patrick Jackson


Cool Runnings Shipping Barrels & Storage Cases

The Courage To Let Go

Lisa came to me to help her with her Digital Social Media Footprint which is seen on her Facebook Page and I also created and designed her business logo.

Videos is also created by my company the Digital Social Media Footprint that help those who are suffering from Domestic Violence Abuse or those who got out but need the extra support that Lisa can give them to move forward in their Life.

Angela Kelly

I am working with Angela Kelly who Presents the Work From Anywhere Network Work 

Business in a Box
Open Your Own Life Coach Academy
Start Your Own Real Estate Investment Business
Open Your Own  Business Funding Company.

we have done amazing stuffs for her Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platform.

Angela’s Website - Genetic Wellcare Life Association

Angela’s Genetic WellCare Life Association Website is build and designed my Company the Digital Social Media Footprint!


Joseph - Independent Music Producer

Music for your Business

Need Music for your Podcast, Videos, Marketing and Business, get in touch with me on my Twitter Account.

You Can Email Joseph Here: