Explore TikTok with Me!

12th of May 2019 I joined TikTok, like any new apps out there at first we are not sure what it can do for our business.

Some of us have heard that TikTok is just for kids but as I have come to find out for myself, its more than that, it’s for everyone and this app is important to your business too.

why not put your judgement aside, come and explore this amazing app with me and you too will learn what others have learned so far, that you can build a community, be seen by others who needs either your message, products or services.

you never know, who might see your short TikTok video, maybe that one video can change someone’s life, or like my little boy, yours can be an inspiration to others by sharing his TikTok exercise challenge video.

or are you shy, not sure how to get going with videos, do not fear, get in touch with me and let’s do this together.

take a look at my video and see for yourself....

My TikTok Journey

Come and explore TikTok with me!


TikTok Duets

Tiktok Duets is so much fun. As I explore this app that everyone is talking about, you will see more duets from me.

Being the Live Stream Video Queen, it’s my aim to explore these apps so that I can share them with you, can you use it for your business?

Can it help your business?

Let us put our doubts aside and see the possibilities that this app can bring to our business.

An example is a Doctor sharing tips, a  mother sharing her day to day life and much more!

Try it out and see for yourself, that is the only way to see if this is for you.